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What is the Flu (Influenza)? How can I prevent the flu from spreading? Who should get the flu vaccine? The following are answers to these and other questions about the flu. Read on to learn more about the influenza virus.

Our Mission

Advocare Greentree Pediatrics is dedicated to providing medical care to children of all ages the old fashioned way. Once upon a time, your doctor knew you, your family, and your medical history. The doctor was available seven days a week, including vacations. When you called to say your child was sick, your child saw the doctor that very same day. You were treated as a whole person, and not as symptom. It can be that way again: in fact, it's our mission.

Advocare Greentree Pediatrics is setting new standards for health care in our community. Our practice is run on this simply philosophy: treat each child as we would treat our own families.

We take great pride in practicing pediatrics "the old fashioned way," complemented by state-of-the-art technology and the expertise and services of our three board certified pediatricians. This is how we deliver extraordinary care in our community. Advocare Greentree Pediatrics cares for children from birth through college age.

Advocare Greentree Pediatrics

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