Computerized IVA+ Test

To assist in the evaluation of ADHD symptoms in children from age six through adults, Advocare Pediatric Neurology Associates offers IVA+Plus, a computerized test that complements "real life" performance information typically provided on a Vanderbilt or Conner's questionnaire. As an objective measure of a child's attention, an IVA+Plus test can be a valuable diagnostic tool. The test can also provide additional data for parents who may wish to supplement or question information obtained from school.

While a questionnaire assesses how an individual's ability to focus is used in home, school, or playground situations, the IVA+Plus is a combined auditory and visual continuous performance test that measures the individual's actual ability to focus. The 15–minute test is preceded by five minutes of explanation and practice. Parents are welcome to accompany their children in the testing room while the test is in session, but children must not be distracted by parents during the test. Results will be explained by one of our pediatric neurologists immediately following the test.

To schedule an IVA+Plus test, call Advocare Pediatric Neurology Associates:
(973) 993–8777