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Welcome to South Jersey Sports and Spine Medicine. We treat a full range of musculoskeletal injuries, specifically, any neck, back, arm, or leg pain. Dr. Stein aims to deliver the highest quality medical care to every patient seeking her help. Whether you are an injured professional athlete or just want to walk painlessly again, she will do her best to help you achieve your goal through non-surgical methods. She believes in a doctor-patient relationship based upon mutual respect and communication. For Dr. Stein, every patient's pain is "real" and she considers each compliant seriously.

At Advocare South Jersey Sports & Spine Medicine, each patient with pain is diagnosed and treated as a unique case, especially when the pain results from multiple conditions. Pain and or disability may be related to many conditions, including degenerative conditions, work- or sports- related injuries, motor vehicle accidents, disc bulges and herniations. Given such a wide range of causes, no single treatment provides universal relief. Dr. Stein's goal is to successfully restore your quality of life to its maximum potential.

Dr. Stein conducts a detailed history and a comprehensive physical exam which enables her to manage the majority of patients without radiologic or electrodiagnostic testing. If appropriate, she designs an individual exercise program for each patient. More importantly, she will advise patients how to remain pain-free and avoid further injuries. To avoid ongoing dependence on treatments, Dr. Stein teaches her patients self-care techniques.

Advocare South Jersey Sports & Spine Medicine

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