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Advocare participates with most major insurance plans. As participation varies by region, specialty, and physician, we recommend that you contact either our office or your insurance company representative to verify that your insurance plan is accepted.

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Population Health Management

Population health management is an approach that we believe will change the way physicians and patients think about health care. As part of our “Call Us First” program we ask you to call us first and we will help you navigate, the sometimes confusing, health care delivery system. Whether you need a doctor, specialist or other health care providers we are here to assist you.

Population Health Management strives to improve the health outcomes of patients by monitoring and identifying patients who are at risk patients. Physicians and their team work to identify and improve clinical outcomes and lower costs. This includes but are not limited to: access to preventative care, high risk medication management, breast cancer screening, colorectal cancer screening, controlling high blood pressure and controlling diabetes.

Goals of population health management:

  • Reduce costs by improving care and the clinical processes
  • Improving outcomes by providing structure and comprehensive case management services
  • Engaging patients by providing wellness information
  • By identifying and supporting patients, population health management can minimize or prevent the progression of disease and promotes a culture of wellness. This will result in improved coordination between the provider and patient as well as doctor-to-doctor.

Benefits to patients:

  • Better coordinated carethat can result in improved health
  • Being reminded of necessary tests to manage the condition or disease
  • Access to health care is made a priority
  • Coordinated health promotion and prevention programs
  • Builds effectivepatient engagement, which leads to better health outcomes

Benefits to providers:

  • Providing feedback to providers on gaps in care of specific patients
  • Focusing on prevention to reduce the risk of an acute episode
  • Providing physicians with quality data that can assist in coordinated care
  • Providers provide improved communication and education to patients
  • Engaging patients in their care that results in higher satisfaction
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